4 comments on “Upcoming Events

    • Work with your sponsor, she/he will teach you how to succeed. There are different keys to success with Forever. One of them, and the first success key to use is to pick your sponsor’s brain, get a good training, stay in close contact with your direct up line.

      Good Luck, Asha


  1. I am a registered distributor ,…I use the products but been a bit challenged on doing the business since am a stay at home mom and also caring for my mom who has an injury,…i would like to do the biz online,…and also part time 3hrs everyday,….plz share advice, suggestions
    And one more thing,..if I would like to also get Sonya training how would u help on that


    • Where are you from? Are you from Chicago area or from Phoenix area? If yes, Sonya training would be easy to get.
      To be honest with you, you are in a perfect position. If you have 3 hours everyday and also you have excess to the internet you should be able to build your business. I wouldn’t rely only on internet, you need some personal contact with others, i.e. to get training or to train others/downline.
      Please feel free to write to me at asia0317@gmail.com if you need more detailed advise.


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