4 comments on “Interview with a Nobel Prize-winning doctor Ferid Murad

  1. Although I haven’t tried this particular brand I have tried arginine supplements and have been very happy with the results. The more people learn about L-arginine the closer they will be to achieving better health. Far better than being on a prescription drug for the rest of your life!


  2. Hi, just purchased argi + is it ok to give it to my son? he will be 17 in three months.. he suffers from poor circulation in his hands.


    • To be honest with you Val, I cannot promise you that he will see improvement in his poor circulation when taking ARGI+. I get many positive feedback on cardiovascular health improvement. You would have to try it. Follow the dosage instructions. Don’t give him more then recommended. And give it some time. Good luck. Let me know what you think.


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