2 comments on “5 core supplements

  1. Aloe vera products are very essential but the only problem they cannot be accessed by everybody.
    They are from far and very expensive!


    • Hi Mayie,
      I wouldn’t say ‘they are from far’ because our products are in over 155 countries and shipping takes only 2 days. The price is also very reasonable. For the quality you get the price is pretty low. If the retail price doesn’t satisfy you, you have an opportunity to join and become a wholesaler; and of course, no obligation 🙂 If you would like to become a wholesale buyer, follow the steps:
      1. go to http://www.ForeverLivingDream.myFLPbiz.com
      2. in the upper right corner click: join
      3. from the list of countries choose: your country
      4. fill out the application (all four steps) and submit
      5. you will receive an email with your temporary password
      6. go to foreverliving.com and log in as a distributor with your given password and change the password
      7. enjoy shopping with your discount
      8. please let me know if you need further assistance (I will be more than happy to help)
      I am confident that you will be happy with the quality and the price of the products. I hope I can coach you to become a very successful FLP distributor.


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