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    • Please remember that these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. They are food supplements. If this pregnant woman you are writing about, has any high blood pressure medications prescribed by her doctor, she needs to continue taking them. She can take FLP products as her diet supplements. I wouldn’t recommend aloe drinks to her unless she was drinking them prior to her pregnancy and her body is used to aloe.

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  1. Hi .I’m very in love with aloe vera tooth gel. l had bleeding gums for a long time and then a woman came to my shop in February 2014 selling aloe vera Forever Living Products. I started using the tooth gel right away and in just 2 days my teeth stopped bleeding. I am so happy, my husband also healed bleeding gums. Ever since my family uses your product.

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  2. Can I take the following products: ALOE GEL, BERRY NECTAR, POMESTEEN POWER, BEE PROPOLIS TAB, GARLIC THYME, for ovarian cyst while I am two month pregnant? WILL IT HURT MY BABY?


    • Forever Living Products are natural food supplements. As far as I know, there are no contraindications. If you would like to confirm that please call the company representative 888 440 2563.


  3. I am first time mom – so excited – I am using forever products and they are so good for me. Now I am 28 weeks. All mothers should us forever product. I recommend. It’s good.

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  4. Hi my friend is trying to get pregnant. She had a few miscarriages before and now she is on some medication to get pregnant. I suggested to try Aloe Vera Gel, Arctic Sea, Nature-Min and Fields of Green…. Please advise, thank you.


    • Great advise. She has to star with her diet. Needs to eat healthy. Aloe Vera Gel helps with absorption of nutrients from food. It increases absorption by 3.7x. Read my article. On the bottom I suggest supplements. Good luck. Keep me posted.

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  5. Hi, I am trying to get pregnant, I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and am already taking Clomid which was prescribed by my doctor. Is it safe to take forever living products together with Clomid?


    • Hi Navkiran,
      Forever Living Products are food supplements. As far as I know, there are safe. If you would like to talk to FLP representative and confirm this information, I am emailing you the contact information.


  6. I recently bought The Aloe Vera Gel. I was advised that it would help with treating my condition of high blood pressure.

    My wife is pregnant, twelve weeks far long. Is it safe for her to have frequent sips during the pregnancy?

    Will it, for real, help treat this blood pressure condition?


  7. I was using forever aloe vera Gel since January of this year and found it excellent. I found out I was pregnant 2 months ago and stopped taking the gel as i was unsure if it was safe to take while pregnant. Would it be ok to start taking it now again even though my body isn’t used to taking it anymore. I found it so good for my skin and regulating my bowel movements etc….


    • Hi Elaine,
      There are no restrictions when you take aloe vera. It is all natural and it is a plant. If you are nervous about taking it now, wait till you deliver. You need to be and feel confident and nobody can tell you do or don’t drink it. I know many of young moms who continued drinking the gel while they were pregnant and thy delivered healthy babies, but many conservative ladies prefer to give themselves a break until they have the baby. Totally up to you.


    • Hi Mojisola,
      All I can say is make sure you both are super healthy and relaxed. I cannot promise the supplements will do the trick for you. They are food supplements, not medications and cannot be uses to treat or diagnose any disorders or diseases. But we have amazing results with our products. Email me if you have anymore questions foreverlivingdream@flp.com
      Good luck, Joanna

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