25 comments on “Forever Gin-Chia, a solution for a low energy level

  1. I had taken this product one time. I feel it helps to extend sex power and our stamina as well. I have low energy as well. I would like to increase my energy, speed up my digestion, lose weight and increase libido. Can you give me an herbal solution? or what effect we can get from Gin-Chia or any other product? Kindly update me.


    • I have not heard. Definitely, we cannot promise that it will lower the blood pressure but I also never heard that somebody with high blood pressure had a bad experience with this product. Good luck and let me know what your experience is. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Hi. I’ve started taking gin-chia tablets yesterday, could you please tell me do the tablets make you gain weight? Also would the tablets affect you sleeping at night? :))


    • Hi Clare,
      Thank you for writing. To be honest with you, I never got a negative feedback on Gin-chia. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have any weight or sleeping problems while taking this natural supplement. Please let me know.


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